Allow me to introduce myself…

At the beginning of this week I started an on-line blogging course.  I guess it is about time since I have been doing this since last summer.  The learning curve has been steep through this whole blogging adventure.  If you can bear with me, I will get there.

I also realized that even though a number of you, my readers, know me personally, some of you might not.  My “About” page gives you a bit of my purpose for blogging but unless you spend a lot of time reading my posts, you won’t know that much about me.  I hope this rectifies the situation.

I am a forty-something Jesus-serving woman from Southern Ontario, Canada.

I am married to my ever-patient husband, Pete.

I have 6 kids–5 on earth and 1 in Heaven.  The kids range in age from 7 to 21 years old.

We have a son with high-functioning autism.

We have boy/girl fraternal twins.

My daughter, Arlynne, had just turned 16 years old when she died in an ATV accident in North Ontario while on a missions trip.

My husband and I are living through his addiction to pornography.

I started blogging just before the third anniversary of my daughter’s death.  I wanted to share some of the hope that I have experienced amidst the pain of life.  My blog could easily have only been about Arlynne but it can’t be.  My life is more than that.  That is only a bit of the picture.

Above everything else, my desire is to glorify my Father God through everything I do.  HE is the reason I can get up every morning.  HE is my peace.  HE is my hope.  HE is my redeemer.  I can’t do anything except through Him.

And HE desires it.


I would love to read your comments...

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